ZERO Irresponsible Drinking

We are proud of our beers. They are a key component of many positive occasions, bringing people together.

However, irresponsible drinking can turn those positive moments into problematic ones.

Our vision for a better tomorrow is a society without irresponsible drinking. No drinking and driving. No underage drinking. Just moderate consumption and enjoyment.

In this area, we focus on choice and collaboration. On providing options that help consumers make informed and responsible choices. And on collaboration with partners who can help us address and prevent alcohol-related harm.

What do we do?


Work with others



Alcohol misuse is a diffuse social problem and addressing it takes collaboration between all relevant stakeholders. We therefore identify partners and work with them to find common solutions.

In 2016-2019, we worked with consumer groups, NGOs, retailers, volunteer organisations, law enforcement agencies and other brewers.

See examples below:


We joined the Global Beer Responsibility Day

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From year to year, Carlsberg Ukraine and AB InBev Efes launch several efforts aiming at increasing awareness of retailers and helping parents of teenagers.

In September, employees of both companies put on branded T-shirts with appeals not to sell alcohol to underaged and visit retail outlets to remind sellers again - why no one should remain indifferent to this problem. Our representatives leave special souvenirs in the sales outlets that remind sellers about the event.

Also, in the Faceboоk we have a flash mob #be_responsible (#будьмо_відповідальні). We invite every adult to join by placing a frame with appeal on their avatars. Thus, everybody who supports the event, is able to state their position.


Check-list for parents #be_responsible

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Together with AB InBev Efes, we launched a digital project - Check List for Parents #be_responsible. For this purpose, we invited leading Ukrainian psychologists. Experts prepared a series of video recommendations that will help parents in finding an approach to their children. Not prohibiting or lecturing, but looking for reasons - that's an effective way to prevent underage from drinking alcohol.

Psychologists believe that most frequently children are pushed to drink due to lack of trust between them and parents and because of difficulties in communication. Therefore, the checklist provides practical steps that will help in building relationships with teenagers based on respect, love and trust.

Video answers to the questions:

- how to communicate with teenagers so that they will not just listen, but can hear their parents;

- what are the actions of adults that provoke children to drink;

- what should be done, if a child has an odor of alcohol in his/her breath;

- when and how to effectively talk to children about alcohol;

- how to build such relations so that a teenager will not have any interest in alcohol. 



In 2017, along with our colleagues from AB InBev Ukraine, we visited more than 500 beer sales outlets in three Ukrainian cities. The volunteers from our staff checked how the basic principles of Memorandum of Responsible Consumption are followed. They also reminded buyers and sellers that alcohol can only be sold to people having reached the age of 18.

In order to take the discussion of the problem to a higher level, we, together with AB InBev Ukraine, initiated a social flash mob #i_will_not_stay_aside. For taking part, it was necessary to add to the avatar on Facebook a unique frame with a logo, share one of the promotional posters and add the hashtag #i_will_not_stay_aside. Everyone interested could tell about their attitude to drinking alcoholic beverages by the minors, to propose methods for solving the problem, and to tell about specific situations connected with violation of the ban on the sale of alcohol to minors and their reaction thereto.

Yevhen Shevchenko, CEO, Carlsberg Ukraine, noted:

“By this effort we also want to emphasize the importance of combining energies to address the pressing problems of the society. I am strongly convinced that big business cannot stay away from the social problems of the country in which it operates. Therefore, when it became necessary to raise public awareness of illegal sale of alcohol to the minors, competing businesses signed the Memorandum on Cooperation to work together for the health of rising generation. This is an important step for our company as well as for other market participants who are not indifferent to the future of Ukraine”.


The Memorandum of Intent to Develop Partnership and Take Measures to Prevent Selling Beer to Underage Persons

In 2016, we signed the Memorandum of Intent to Develop Partnership and Take Measures to Prevent Selling Beer to Underage Persons

Under the auspices of the Ukrpivo industrial association, some of the Ukrainian beer brewing companies, namely Carlsberg Ukraine, SUN InBev Ukraine and Efes Ukraine,​​ joined their efforts to back a common social initiative and signed a Memorandum laying out the rules for all members of the supply chain, including breweries and retailers. The initiative was also supported by the representatives of global and national retail chains, such as METRO Chash&Carry Ukraine and VARUS.



At the 300FEST festival sponsored by Lvivske, we called for the responsible beer drinking during the event

In summer 2016, Lviv hosted an open-air festival 300FEST, which served as a good opportunity to draw social attention to the problems of responsible beer drinking. The festival organizers were to ensure that the attenders of the event were drinking beer responsibly. At point of sales and throughout the festival venue, humorous signs would cell for responsible drinking, such as “Grabbed a beer — leave the wheel”, “Drink slow to last until the headliner” and others. Persons younger than 18 were dispensed wristbands of a special color denoting that it is strictly forbidden to sell them beer. Apart from that, the 300FEST team also kept environment in mind. The festival venue was equipped with garbage bins with signs on them indicating which kind of garbage they are for — glass, paper, plastic or other. Staff dressed like super heroes were encouraging the festival attenders to take part in this initiative and explaining how to sort the garbage.


Carlsberg Group celebrates the Global Beer Responsibility Day by partially switching off the 10-meter sign with the Carlsberg logo on top of the 21-floor building of the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen. The “Car” bit in the world Carlsberg switches off in order to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drunk driving

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