Leading within Carlsberg

Leadership drives business growth and your development. That’s why we take leadership so seriously. For us, it is about developing and realising the potential for empowerment and responsibility to create people engagement to execute business success. 


Our Quest for Excellence

Leadership at Carlsberg involves empowering the individual to strive for excellence based on guidance provided by our common behaviour principles; Alignment, Accountability and Action. We encourage our people to act with the spirit of an entrepreneur in order to stay agile and maintain our growth goals.

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Developing Leadership Potential

We help develop leadership skills through leadership development programs, learning from best practices established within our markets and most importantly by keeping focus on execution. We focus on how things are done, and not on telling people what to do. 

We are determined to make a difference to the business and we also encourage and support a balanced perspective to work within the context of an individual’s life as a whole.

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